Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pepper thiefs!

Well something is eating my pepper plants! It's not cutworms or anything like that... it's got to be the birds! It's the leaves and stems, they're being eaten from the top down until there is only a little stem left. It's either birds or cats, no other wildlife in the area. And it's ONLY the peppers! I dont get it! LOL

But my tomatoes are growing and flourishing and I love it! I can't wait to pick garden fresh tomatoes!

Here is an overview of the garden. Click to see detail.

Some more pictures:

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spring Veggies Growing!

This is a little pocket of lettuce and carrots that sprung up... I believe the seeds fell out of my husband's pocket when he was sitting on the edge of the garden b/c I certainly didn't plant them there! (Click on the pictures to enlarge.)

A row of beautiful lettuce.

Yummy carrots.

Three spindly tomato starts just planted. Let's hope I have better luck this year!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Finally Planting!

We finally picked up some tomato, pepper, and okra starts for the garden, along with some manure/compost mix. I spent the evening mixing in the compost, and then planting our little seedlings. There are some cherry tomatoes along with regular ones. Two each blushing bell peppers and money makers. Then two Annie Oakley okra plants. I had to work around the existing crop of lettuce and carrots growing in my little plot, but it was nice to finally get some work in.

I also broke out the circular saw and cut up wood reclaimed from pallets to create some garden boxes. I got one box finished, a second one started, and the corner peices for a third one cut.