Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Curio in the Dining Room

When we moved we left behind an antique curio. It was really nice, but not quite what we wanted. It had originally been my parents' and we gave it back to them. Now that we're here, we realized that we probably could have used it and it would have looked nice in here, but we decided to look for a new one - off to trusty Craigslist! I probably looked through a hundred listings for curios in the area, and finally found one that was just what I wanted. Tall, darker/cherry wood, a little decoration at the top, glass shelves, etc. My husband trekked out to where it was and brought it home for hour long trip from his work finally to home. He loves me!

I love it and it really goes well in the room! I wanted something with some height in there, and I think it goes well with the trim and the whole feel of the room. We still need another table/cabinet in there...a buffet or bookshelf or something. It will go on the right hand wall, and my strawberry lamp will go on it. My aunt gave me that lamp, as well as the toile vase on the table... I really like both those pieces. So once I get the dining room decorated it will be black & white toile w/ red accents, and strawberry details. It soudns like a lot, but it does look really nice together. I need to do curtains and table linens, and get some red flowers for the vase. Also in the room is a trunk my grandfather made. He gave it to me when I graduated high school and means a lot to me. It's full of my yarns, but that doesn't matter, you can't see them! You'll find my strawberry lamp tucked away from little hands on top of the curio for now.


After (but still in progress):

I love how clean and simple it looks!

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