Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So Sad to Say Goodbye!

I'm so sad. My husband recieved a promotion and relocating was a part of the deal. We were told we'd have a year, but when he signed the papers they gave us just 6 weeks to move! We will be in our new place in St. Louis on the 15th. Everything is growing so beautifully really... I have tons of green tomatoes on the vine and they are just starting to turn. I might get ONE ripe one before we leave. My okra is strange this year, the plants aren't growing tall, and all three of them have each produced a pod even though they are just 12" tall! We've been picking several carrots a day to snack on, but the lettuce has long since bolted. I haven't gotten any new pics of it all except some of our carrots. I am sad to leave my garden behind, but I know my neighbors will reap the harvest and the landlord really liked my little garden spot and asked me to leave it. I don't know when I'll be able to garden again, I'm not sure I can dig up the yard in our new home. So I may be adventuring into some container gardening next summer!

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