Monday, July 28, 2008

The Office in the Sunroom

When we moved we left behind our very well used computer desk. It had been my parents when I was in school...probably middle more than 14 years old. It was a little scratched and battered, but we found it a new home. It wasn't serving our needs any more and we thought we would be happier with a new desk. Since the computer is a huge part of what my husband and I do, it was important that one of the first things we get for our new home was a desk. I scoured Craigslist and found some that would work, some were already taken, some never replied. Finally I found a really nice corner desk for a steal...we really liked the color and shape/style of it. AND we were lucky enough to score it!

Here are some pics of the "office" side of the sunroom. We still need to get some shelves and filing cabinets for storage, but you get the idea. We will also get a flat screen monitor at some point to take up less space on the desk. Please forgive the piles, we'r'e still unpacking as we go! I like this desk so much I told my husband that I wanted one just like it for my sewing machine & serger! You can see my husband's monster of a scanner on the desk... no comment from me LOL... just a roll of the eyes on that one!



That's only half of the sunroom. I still have to set up my half, which is the sewing room. I'm slowly working on it, dragging my feet and hoping for a new desk before I really set it all up. But I do need to get to sewing, we need some curtains and I have stores to stock!

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